Quick Facts

Why we started:
A group of Australians who work in the golf industry in the Dallas area founded the Birdies for Kids fundraiser. We started the fundraiser as we all feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work and live in the United States and simply wanted to do something to give back to the local community.
Aussie Participants:
Rohan Allwood (2 years)
Justin Barrick (5 years)
Simon Buckle (9 years)
Dale Gray (2 years)
Jeremy Langdale (9 years)
Stuart Deane (8 years)
Travis Johns (6 years)
Nick Griffin (12 years)
Mark Harrison (12 years)
Dean Larsson (12 years)
Cameron McCormick (12 years)
Honorary Aussies:
Brett Hull, Dallas Stars (4 years)
Ken Small, Brook Hollow GC Superintendent (6 years)
Justin Thompson (4 years)



Charitable Partners:
Northern Texas PGA Junior Golf Foundation
(2004 – Present)
Children’s Medical Center (2008 – Present)
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital (2006 – 2007)
Medical Center of Plano (2004 – 2005)
Host Facilities:
Four Seasons Resort (2015-2016)
The Honors Golf Club of Dallas (2012–2014)
Brook Hollow Golf Club (2006 –2011)
Royal Oaks Country Club (2005)
Preston Trail Golf Club (2004)
First PGA Professional to donate:
Byron Nelson
Money Raised:
Record Year:
$204,499.50 (2008)
Average High Temperature:
99 degrees